Pregnancy Scan with 5D Technology

A comprehensive assessment of the development of the fetus in the uterus can be provided to the would-be parents. Children can also receive this as a gift from their parents. If a child grows up, he or she will be able to see how they looked in the womb. 


It is only through 5D ultrasound technology that it is possible to understand the fetus’ actions, its pharmaceutical parameters, and also to identify certain diseases early like Down syndrome. Using technology, basic conditions and real learning disabilities can also be detected early, in addition to giving experts an accurate picture of how to proceed when dealing with twins. If the right kind of expertise is used, it is claimed that even the slightest difference between fingers, noses, etc. can be detected with this technology.


It has been proven that 5D ultrasound technology is very safe. You can always rely on your physician for guidance. However, you should know when to get an ultrasound. At this stage, you can see more of your baby, and it’s exciting to see how the development proceeds. You should have your ultrasound within 7 months to 8 months of pregnancy. You can still visit them from as early as 2 months for a fast look pregnancy scan and see the baby in either 4D or 5D. With 5 D technology, the picture of your bay is incredibly clear. With full HD, you can observe even the smallest details and see how the baby looks. It is certainly a beautiful experience.

Pregnancy scan with 5D technology