Fetal Color Doppler

What is a Doppler scan?


The Doppler is an ultrasound scan used to assess the health of the baby’s organs, including the umbilical cord, brain, and heart. The purpose of this is to determine whether the placenta provides enough oxygen and nutrients for the child.

Doppler scans are usually performed during the third trimester. A healthy fetus has normal blood flow, and any abnormality will indicate a stressed fetus. The doctor may order more than one Doppler scan in some cases (like high-risk pregnancies).


What is the purpose of a Doppler scan?

In pregnancy a Doppler test should be performed to assess blood flow in the brain, kidneys, heart, placenta and umbilical cord. It helps confirm the fetal heartbeat.

Doppler uterine artery scan: Uterine arteries carry blood to the uterus. Normally, these arteries are small. During pregnancy, these arteries increase in size (stretch) to provide less resistance and thus allow more blood to flow through them. The Doppler scan in this area is used to determine whether enough blood is reaching the womb.


Fetal Color Doppler