Pre-eclampsia and Preterm Screening

Pre-eclampsia that results from pregnancy-induced high blood pressure. Pregnancy-related eclampsia is among the most common life-threatening conditions. It occurs in 1 in 50 pregnancies. High blood pressure can be extremely dangerous for both mother and baby. Currently, there is only one treatment: delivery. Delivery should be timed carefully as it needs to balance the condition of the mother and the maturity of the baby.

Besides your 11-13 week scan, you can choose to have a pre-eclampsia pregnancy screening for this potentially serious condition. There is ample evidence that pre-eclampsia during pregnancy increases its risk to you and your baby. Maternal and fetal monitoring if detected high risk will contribute to early detection of pre-eclampsia through the symptoms and the ability to administer the necessary medication.

Pre-eclampsia and preterm screening