Best Fetal Maternal Care in Faridabad

A high-risk and complicated pregnancy is very upsetting for any would-be parents. A high-risk or complicated pregnancy indicates the complication of carrying the baby or difficulty at childbirth. Usually, this pregnancy needs advanced fetal medicine. This type of special pregnancy situation needs an expert doctor who is efficient in handling complicated pregnancies. A perinatologist or fetal-maternal specialist takes care of complicated pregnancies. A maternal and fetal specialist prescribes internal fetal medicine long before childbirth to the mother. This medical fetal medicine helps in protecting the lives of both the fetus and the mother. So, it is evident that a pregnant woman with any type of complication needs a fetal medicine specialist.

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The basic step before consulting any fetal specialist in Faridbad, one should understand their job and when to consult them. This might be a hectic job for any would-be parent. But you don’t have to worry. We are always here you provide you every information about maternal-fetal care and fetal medicine clinic in Faridbad. See more of this article to know about every detail of maternal and fetal medicine in Faridabad

Who are maternal-fetal medicine doctors and when to consult them?
maternal-fetal medicine doctor (MFM) has expertise in handling and treating complicated childbirth. An MFM doctor will be an integral part of the medical team treating a woman with pregnancy complications. A course of special studies for 3 years is given to the doctors aspiring for MFM. A maternal-fetal medicine doctor treats the patient in the following steps,

  • At first, they examine the pregnant woman with a high-risk pregnancy.
  • Afterward, they give some tests to perform to precise the complication.
  • They routinely perform an ultrasound to check the development of the fetal
  • Give the patient suitable internal fetal medicine.
  • Help the mother to cope with high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • Check for any genetic defect or health problems of the fetal by special tests like amniocentesis, CVS, umbilical cord sampling, etc.
  • Perform surgery on the fetal if needed.
  • Help the mother to handle difficult labor.
  • Gives medicines to ease extreme labor pain.
  • Diagnoses the mother and the baby with further medications.
  • Monitors future pregnancy risks of the mother.

We hope that your hectic search for a ‘fetal medicine specialist near me’ is ended here. Remember to consult us whenever you need special care for yourself and your loved one. Till then take care and be healthy.