Are You at Risk of Having a Baby With Down Syndrome?

Down Syndrome Screening - Foetal-Medicine-Doctor-in-Faridabad-Dr. Mamta-Phogat

Taking proper care of a foetus becomes a vital part of a mother’s life from the time she conceives a new life. That’s it: regular medical appointments, timely medication administration, completion of all prenatal exams, and adherence to a healthy diet. A mother is always aware of her unborn baby’s presence and hence does all possible to protect her unborn child. Down syndrome screening in Faridabad is one of the most common tests that physicians presently suggest for expectant women. 

Down syndrome may usually be detected in the first trimester through tests. This condition is more likely to affect mothers over the age of 35. Although not everyone is impacted in the same way, steps must be taken to avoid repeat issues. Dr. Mamta Phogat is one of the best Doctors for Down Syndrome screening in Faridabad.

What should you do if you find out you’re pregnant and have down syndrome?

Each pregnancy is distinct. How would you react if you found out you’re pregnant right at the start of your first trimester? Many women are put off by the prospect of taking this test by the sheer concept of it. Down syndrome, on the other hand, is a rare condition. Women with a family history of the condition are more likely to experience symptoms during pregnancy.

If you’re unlucky, the bad news is that even if the same is discovered, there’s no treatment. The confirmation of the same from the test, on the other hand, will mentally prepare you and your family for the impending unusual child. One thing to remember is to look after the mother of a child with Down syndrome. This is a high-to-medium-risk pregnancy for these mothers.

How are these tests performed?

Don’t be afraid if you’re terrified! There is no discomfort associated with this examination. It’s a hybrid of an ultrasound and a quick blood test. The woman is subjected to an ultrasound examination between 11 and 13 weeks of pregnancy. The doctors will draw blood samples from you using a fingerstick at the same visit.

The components of Beta HCG and Plasma Protein A are examined in blood samples. Although medical terminology might be difficult to comprehend, as a mother, you should question the doctor until everything is clear in your mind.

Dr. Mamta’s Fetalkare Clinic is fully prepared to provide down syndrome screening in Faridabad for all expectant women. Our specialised expert, Dr. Mamta Phogat, will assist you and take particular care when doing the tests if your situation is serious and requires special attention.